Fantastic States Indigo Made in Japan Pack By Puma

Indigo dyeing is incredibly popular in Japan, and the craft definitely results in a unique look, especially when it is applied to apparel pieces or footwear. Puma has unveiled its unique States “Indigo” Made in Japan pack, which is obviously based on the brand’s acclaimed States silhouette.

PUMA States Indigo Made in Japan Pack

The classic court sneaker features a leather upper dyed entirely by hand in order to obtain two different hues, namely the dark “tome-kon” achieved using 20 coats, as well as the lighter “asagi” hue that needed just seven coats of indigo. As a fitting tribute to indigo dyeing, the shoe was created in the Awa region of the Tokushima prefecture in Japan, as this is the place where the craft was practiced for the first time.

States Indigo Made in Japan Pack By Puma

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