Fantastic Youth Baseball Gloves By Nokona

Comfortable and designed with performance in mind, these Nokona youth baseball gloves check all the right boxes if you’re looking for all-round quality and reliability. We’re going to focus on three particular models today, namely the S7, X2-7 and S-100 gloves, each being quite spectacular in its own way. Starting off with the S7, this is a high-quality Nokona glove aimed at ages ranging from 12 to 16. It comes with a closed back, a full trap and a 12.25” ± pattern. Moreover, it doesn’t require much break-in, which makes it ideal for youth players.

Fantastic Youth Baseball Gloves By Nokona, S7

Nokona youth baseball gloves, S7
S7, Youth Baseball Gloves By Nokona

Next up is the X2-7 glove in Red, White & Blue. This model comes with the same 12.25” ± pattern, but it was put together using special top-grain Stampede Steerhide and Kangaroo leathers that need minimal break-in. Highlights include a closed back, a regular & full right hand design, as well as a full trap. As far as age is concerned, this glove is aimed at 14-year-old and older players.

X2-7 Nokona baseball glove

X2-7 Youth Baseball Gloves By Nokona
Youth Baseball Gloves By Nokona, X2-7

Last but not least, the S-100 Nokona baseball glove features a 10.5” ± pattern, and it can be used by players aged 10 and up. The glove has a closed web, an open back and is incredibly light as it weighs in at about 15 ounces.

Nokona baseball glove for youth, S-100

S-100 Nokona baseball glove for youth
S-100 Nokona baseball glove

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