FENTY’s First Sneaker Is The Puma Creeper

Rihanna is becoming more and more appreciated in the fashion world, mainly because of her outstanding collaborations with some of the world’s most famous brands. Rihanna and PUMA’s first collaboration has resulted in the PUMA BY RIHANNA Collection under the singer’s FENTY label, and while plenty more apparel pieces and footwear are soon to follow, the PUMA Creeper is one of the partnership’s most important products.

FENTY Puma Creeper Sneaker


As the first sneaker to be released under the FENTY label, the Puma Creeper was inspired in its design by New York’s Punk Rock style, which was quite popular during the 80s. The shoe is based on the PUMA Suede silhouette, which was made famous by athletes and punk bands during the 1970s and 1980s. The shoe’s name comes from the platform or “creeper” sole, which is complemented by an upper that comes in various materials and color combinations.

Creeper Sneaker by Puma

Puma Creeper Sneaker
Rihanna and PUMA Sneaker
Rihanna and PUMA, Creeper Sneaker

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