Fila Drifter Slide Sandals for Men and Women

Be prepared for summer with these Fila Drifter Slide Sandals that are available in both men’s and women’s variants. They feature banded straps across the toes, which are made of a microfiber-synthetic fabric, while the linear Fila logo adds them a touch of classic style.

These Drifters will not only help you beat the heat, but they will also keep your feet comfortable all day thanks to their cushy EVA footbed. The men’s Fila Drifter Slide Sandals are available in Cream, Black, White and Navy, while for the women there is also a Pink version.

Women’s Drifter

Pink Fila Drifter Slide Sandals for Women

Men’s Drifter

Fila Drifter Slide Sandals for Men

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