The Fila SS17 Lookbook Was Shot In A Small Italian Village

It’s not at all uncommon for famed apparel brands to draw inspiration from their roots every now and again, and the Fila Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook definitely has a nostalgic flair, especially since it was shot in Fila’s Italian hometown. Back in 1911, the founding Fila brothers started making apparel in the Italian village named Biella, which is located at the foothills of the Alps.

SS 2017 lookbook by Fila Fila Spring Summer 2017 Collection Fila Spring Summer 2017 lookbook

The lookbook brings back memories from the 70s, including waffle track ensembles and zipped polo necks, to say nothing of the unique approach to the Fila logo. As far as colorways are concerned, they are a bit more toned down than usual, with muted pastel shades in blue and powder pink being the most predominant. Classic shades such as navy, gray, and black complemented by bright red and yellow can also be spotted here and there for contrast.

Fila SS 2017 lookbook, Pastel Shades Fila SS 2017 lookbook Spring Summer 2017 lookbook by Fila

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