TomTom Touch fitness tracker

Fitness Tracker: This TomTom Touch Measures Your Body Fat Percentage

There’s no doubt about it: It’s harder than ever to monitor your daily activities without going crazy. But there’s a simple way to get around this “problem”: the TomTom Touch fitness tracker. It captures your steps, active time, calories burned, sleep time, and heart rate, day and night, with 24/7 activity tracking, and it also … Read more

Reebok CrossFit Sports Bra for C cup

Three Outstanding Women’s Crossfit Bras by Reebok

Created and developed by Greg Glassman, crossfit is a new form of training that has been gaining popularity since 2000. Based on functional movements executed at high intensity, it improves strength and muscles. If you’re a woman and you’re serious about adopting this training method, then you should know that it requires some high-quality athletic … Read more

Weightlifting gloves with wrist support

Training Grip Wristwrap Gloves by Harbinger

Protect your hands during your weightlifting routine with these weightlifting gloves with wrist support. Featuring an articulated leather palm that offers perfect amounts of grip, these Harbinger gloves also incorporate a TechGel™ cushioning system that shapes to your hands while protecting them. VIEW IN GALLERY VIEW IN GALLERY Their adjustable wrist closure guarantees a perfect … Read more