Flight Series Fuse Women’s Jacket By The North Face

Lightweight, comfortable and undeniably stylish, the Flight Series Fuse jacket for women by The North Face comes in beautiful Subtle Green or in a daring Melon Red colorway. The North Face used some of its most popular technologies for this product, such as FuseForm engineered ventilation with perforated membranes in key zones, as well as 360-degree reflectivity complemented by reflective logos.

Green Flight Series Fuse Women's Jacket By The North Face GREEN Women's Jacket By The North Face

The jacket is 100% nylon, and it was put together using The North Face’s own FuseForm technique that mixes thick, durable threads with light, lower-density fibers in high-wear zones. This helps reduce weight while showcasing a seamless transition from durable areas to lighter parts of the jacket. Other highlights include wind and water resistance, as well as an adjustable hem and hood.

Red Flight Series Fuse Women's Jacket By The North Face Red Women's Jacket By The North Face

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