Foldable Spicoli Shades For Men By Vans

Wayfarer sunglasses are incredibly popular nowadays, and while you can always find cheap knock-offs at various shops around the world, it’s always a good idea to purchase a pair from a reliable manufacturer. These Vans sunglasses for men were designed using the renowned Wayfarer style, but what makes them truly special is that they are completely foldable.

Foldable Spicoli Shades For Men By Vans

The frame and lens were created using 100% polycarbonate, and the lens diameter is 51mm. Compact and great-looking, the Foldable Spicoli Shade Sunglasses flaunt a Vans embossed logo on the temple, and they are available in a single Black Gloss colorway.

Vans Foldable Spicoli Shades For Men Vans sunglasses for men

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