9 Full-Finger Workout Gloves: Maximize Your Grip And Protection

Do your sweaty hands bother you during workouts? Or do you want a maximum amount of grip while lifting? Then, wearing full-finger workout gloves is a way to achieve both aims.

No matter if you do bodybuilding, weightlifting, fitness, kickboxing, cycling, climbing, CrossFit, or any other sport – you can choose gloves only from the six existing types. Do you know what the types are?

The full-finger gloves, half-finger gloves, fingerless gloves, wrist wrap gloves, compression gloves, and hand-wrap gloves are the six types of gloves available. Of course, each type has its own advantages.
Full-Finger Workout Gloves
Today I have for you nine options of full-finger workout gloves that can be used for any other sport activity that you do.

Although less common among gym enthusiasts, full-finger gloves provide good skin protection. They help minimize the risk of irritation, blisters, and calluses.

For those who tend to have very sweaty hands, they are a good accessory that keeps sweat under control through good air ventilation inside the glove. By eliminating this problem, the wearer enjoys a good grip, especially during weightlifting and other exercises that require a strong grip. Therefore, they can provide increased performance and a more successful training session.

The nine gloves that I will present below were chosen by me based on fit, comfort, and grip.

1. Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0

The Under Armor Tac Blackout Glove 2.0 features a full-black design with some matte parts and some more glossy parts for a special effect.

They are made of synthetic leather, nylon, and elastane and have a balanced degree of elasticity that helps to provide a second-skin fit. The material is not thick but quite thin and will not make you uncomfortable during your gym workout.

The inside of the palm of the glove is made of sturdy synthetic leather with laser perforations that contribute to maintaining an optimal temperature inside the glove through good air circulation.

These gloves allow you to use your devices with a touch screen without removing them. They have Tech Touch print on thumbs and fingers that lets you access your phone easily.

These Under Armour full-finger workout gloves can be washed by hand and maintain their shape very well after washing. Their sizes run small, but their durability is great.

Under Armour Tac Blackout 2.0 - Full-Finger Workout Gloves

2. Under Armour Renegade

These Under Armor Men’s Renegade training gloves are designed for gym enthusiasts who want to avoid getting hand blisters and calluses. Made from polyester and goat skin leather, these gloves have great durability, but also an incredibly stylish look. They come in a black version with some red details for those who want something that catches the eye. But Under Armor also offers a simpler option only in black.

These gloves incorporate the brand’s Armor Mesh technology, which together with perforations in the palms offers good ventilation that keeps your hands dry. The technology works excellently so that your hands do not have a single gram of sweat.

Inside the palm, these full-finger gloves have some strategic padding that protects you when you lift weights. The inside of the palm also has leather areas that offer grip and stability when doing pull-ups. However, they do not have padding in the area of the fingers, so the comfort will not be the same when doing bench pressing. But if you don’t want or need too much padding from your gloves, then these are great.

Their fit is snug and natural, so you can handle the weights in the gym with no issues.

I recommend you order a size larger than your normal size because the gloves tend to run small.

Under Armour Renegade - Full-Finger Workout Gloves

3. Adidas Performance

The Adidas Full Finger Performance Gloves provide an unparalleled grip in the gym. They represent a good option for those who want support and hand comfort during strength training.

They have ergonomic palm padding that provides cushioning and increased grip for your hands during lifting. There are also reinforced knuckle panels, so your fingers are supported as well.

These Adidas full-finger workout gloves boast a tight fit that makes them very comfortable to wear. Their Aeroready ventilation technology dissipates heat and prevents sweat buildup. Your hands remain dry and healthy without irritation and blisters.

The material contains a flexible polyester that molds perfectly to any hand. Along with the excellent fit, these gloves also come with a touchscreen function that allows you to use devices without taking them off. No more breaks every time you want to use your devices!

For extra support, they also have an elasticated Velcro fastening that you can adjust for your needs. Thus, the glove is secured and will not fall off during your training.

If you want to wash them, you can hand wash them with some soap and cold water and let them air dry.

You can make your choice without hesitation, as the sizes are consistent.

adidas Full Finger Performance Gloves - Full-Finger Workout Gloves
adidas Full Finger Performance Gloves - Full-Finger Workout Gloves 1

4. Bionic Beastmode Full-Finger Workout Gloves

These Bionic full-finger workout gloves accommodate very well both small and wider hands. Available in sizes ranging from small to 3X-large, the Beastmode fitness gloves are made from high-quality Cabretta leather, which ensures increased durability and longevity.

The gloves have awesome moisture-wicking properties that keep the hands dry and cool. The palm area as well as the polytowel thumb and fingers benefit from an optimal amount of terrycloth pads.
I should mention here for those who lift hard that the padding from the fingers extends to the sides as well, which tends to make lifting very heavy weights a little more uncomfortable.

Apart from the fingers’ padding, they are incredibly popular due to the tailored fit they offer. Both palm and finger zones deliver grip, so your hands are not under pressure. The touchscreen function is a convenient feature that allows you to use the device with gloves on

Created by a hand specialist, these gloves feel great and help you get the most out of your training routine
Bionic full-finger workout gloves
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Best price~quality


If you think that full-finger gloves are not for you, it means that you have not yet worn a pair of FREETOO Full-Finger Workout Gloves. Once you try them, you will never go back to wearing half-finger gloves.

Made using 96% polyester and 4% spandex, these gloves offer a flattering and snug fit. The thickness of the material is decent, not too bulky to get tangled up when working with various equipment, but not very thin either.

The palm area has a foam pad and silicone particles providing enough cushioning when lifting heavy weights. The silicone also makes them super grippy, so they can be used for general workouts.

The touchscreen functionality is a useful addition, enabling you to operate the device while keeping your gloves on.

All in all, these full-finger workout gloves deliver a tailored fit, enough grip, comfort, and padding, and their sizes are accurate and true to measurement.
FREETOO full-finger workout gloves


The SIMARI Weight Lifting Workout Gym is all about wrist support and grip. The gloves are built from a sponge material that adjusts to the contours of your hand for a comfortable and tailored fit.

Their design includes a Velcro fastening system for a secure and adjustable fit. The Velcro strap is quite wide and supports the wrist throughout the training. However, the large width does not allow you to wear other accessories such as a smartwatch or other fitness trackers.

The palm area has an ergonomic design and a sponge pad that reduces the stress on your hands when doing heavy lifts. Plus, they minimize friction during pushups. With comfort ensured, you can lift for a long time.

Also, touchscreen compatibility is a practical feature that enables you to work continuously even if you want to access devices. You don’t have to stop your training and waste time taking your gloves off and putting them back on.

The amount of grip is also fantastic. Keep in mind that these gloves run large. It is better to order a size smaller than you would normally wear.

SIMARI - Full-Finger Workout Gloves

7. YHT

The YHT Workout Gloves are budget-friendly and offer a balance of affordability and durability, providing a lot of support.

Their polyester fabric helps the glove to be lightweight and offers a more natural and comfortable fit. They are not very thick, but they have shock-absorbing elastic foam padding in the palm area that enhances protection, grip, and support. However, the amount of padding is not so thick and, as a consequence, it is not so suitable for those who lift very heavy weights. However, it is ideal for other workouts.

The Velcro wrist strap keeps them secure, while the touchscreen-compatible fingertips let you use the device and stay connected without removing them. The open mesh enhances air circulation and ventilation, allowing your hands to stay dry.

They have a cool design and they are a perfect option that keeps your hands sweat- and blister-free. Finally, I should advise you that the sizes run a bit smaller.

YHT - Full-Finger Workout Gloves

8. GoFit Go Grip

The GoFit Full Finger Go Grip Training is an accessory that will help you take your workouts to the next level. These full-finger workout gloves are built from faux leather, silicone, and suede. The fingers are reinforced and double stitched, which makes the gloves durable and able to withstand frequent wear for a long time.

The synthetic leather palm is ergonomically designed and features a silicone Go-Tac grip. This non-slip surface delivers a better grip that will put less pressure on your hand and fingers.

The Velcro closure helps to put them on and take them off more easily, but also to offer more support to the wrist.

These gloves have a decent price and a fashionable design.

The GoFit Full Finger Go Grip Training

9. Bear Grips Full-Finger Workout Gloves

You will for sure love how lightweight are these next pair of full-finger gloves. Named Bear Grips Weight Lifting Gloves, they are available in black color with grey detailing.

The Lycra fabric offers enough elasticity in order for the glove to conform to your hand shape. The palms are padded, giving your hand extra protection while releasing the pressure. Both the material and padding are not really thick or bulky. If you’re used to workout with lightweight gloves, then you will for sure enjoy these.

The gloves feature ventilation holes and prevent your hands from getting sweaty or injured. The easy on-and-off pull tab helps you to quickly take them off, while the touch screen capability is a handy feature that lets you interact with the device.

What’s more interesting about them is the fact that no wrist wrap is attached, which gives you the freedom to wear any wrist wrap you want. The sizes of these full-finger workout gloves run a little large so you should downsize a size.

With these gloves, you will experience nothing but optimal grip and comfort, as well as a snug fit.

Bear Grips - Full-Finger Workout Gloves

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