Futuristic Nike Air LeBron Akronite Shoe

The Nike Air LeBron Akronite shoe is definitely an unusual product, not just because of its futuristic looks but also because it features a slightly odd name. However, those of you who watched Nike Basketball’s commercial featuring LeBron James will instantly recognize the Akronite term, as it was used to describe LeBron by a young poet.

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The shoe itself boasts a design that blends several features from other Nike releases. For example, the midsole was borrowed from the Nike Air Tech Challenge II, while the patchwork updates were seen previously in other Air Max kicks. Other design elements were taken from James’ own signature line, including the top strap that was initially installed on several versions of the Solider.

The shoe does have a fresh, futuristic look about it that makes it stand out. What do you think about this unique model?

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