Gel-Advance 6 Cricket Shoes By Asics

Cricket footwear needs to be lightweight, durable and flexible enough to ensure that the player can perform at its best, and thanks to Asics, we have a very impressive pair of indoor cricket shoes to suggest. Available in UK sizes 6 to 14 and in a White/Black/Mcg colorway, the Gel-Advance 6 features a Personal Heel fit as well as a lightweight Solyte midsole material that provides a plus of cushioning.

Gel-Advance 6 Cricket Shoes By Asics Cricket Shoes By Asics

Then there’s the DuoMax Support System that enhances stability, while the Rearfoot GEL Cushioning system absorbs any impact shock produced upon landing while supporting a smooth transition from landing to a midstance. As far as Asics cricket shoes go, this is undoubtedly one of the most impressive models on the market.

Asics Gel-Advance 6 Cricket Shoes Midsole, Gel-Advance 6 Cricket Shoes By Asics

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