5 Stunning Gladiator Shorts To Conquer The Ring

Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts - Color Black-White
Gladiator Boxing Shorts

When it comes to choosing shorts for boxing or other combat sports, you only have five main types to choose from: gladiator boxing shorts or UFC shorts, compressed shorts, boxing shorts, grappling shorts, or board shorts.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages and can be chosen depending on the fighting style. But, out of all these gladiator boxing shorts have a unique design that pops out. The features that bring a touch of authenticity to these boxing shorts are the side slits.

The side slits of the gladiator boxing shorts allow the athlete to be agile and perform a variety of kicks in the boxing ring. The increased mobility and freedom of movement define this type of shorts.

These boxing/UFC shorts also have a length that usually extends to the knees and a higher waist. This coverage comes in handy in this sport.


Because you don’t want to show your opponent where your legs may already be hurt. In boxing, you don’t want to let others know your weak points.

Now, let’s see some awesome gladiator shorts that will give you a look of a warrior.

1. Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts

These Ring to Cage gladiator boxing shorts offer lots of legroom, which is excellent for boxers who like to kick around. They feature a bold Roman gladiator-inspired design with multiple drapes that create an artistic effect when in action.

These boxing shorts are made of satin. Satin is a soft, smooth, and lightweight material that is gentle on the skin. The silky texture offers you incredible comfort during the fight. For a spectacular boxing outfit like in official fights, you can match these shorts with a satin boxing robe with some black boxing gloves.

Under the drapes, these shorts have a sewn mid-thigh spandex that molds exactly to your thigh. They are also breathable, maintaining your legs dry. I recommend you match these gladiator boxing shorts with an athletic supporter and a cup, especially if you’re sparring.

The length of the bright drapes extends to the knees, giving you good coverage. Another feature of the shorts is the hidden drawstring inside the 4 inches waistband. You can adjust the drawstring for a secure and tailored fit.

The sizes offered for these shorts are true to size, while the colors are bright and bold.

Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts Color: Black/Gold
Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts - Color Black-Gold

Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts Color: Black/Purple
Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts - Color Black-Purple
Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts Color: Black/White
Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts - Color Black-White

Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts Color: Black/Pink
Ring to Cage Gladiator Boxing Shorts Color Black-Pink

2. Ring to Cage Shorts Unique GLADIATOR Style

If you want a pair of gladiator shorts but you’re not a fan of drapes you can choose some classic gladiator boxing shorts. Unlike Roman gladiator ones, these boxing shorts follow the cut and design of common boxing shorts.

However, they still have two panels on the sides in the same color palette as the overall design of the shorts. The panels add an interesting effect when you move in the ring.

The pants are baggy with lots of room for legs so that you can move freely during training or fights. The waist features a drawstring that is not visible because it is hidden inside the waistband. The drawstring closure ensures a tight, secure fit.

The shorts are a functional choice for boxers as they are lightweight, breathable, and smooth due to the satin fabric.

Ring to Cage Shorts Unique GLADIATOR Style

3. Venum Gladiator 3.0 Fightshorts

These Venum boxing shorts are made for true gladiators in the boxing ring. Featuring a black and gray design, these shorts are made from polyester. They are lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort. The material is smooth and feels great on the skin.

Apart from the durability offered by the material, these pants also have reinforced seams to ensure they can withstand all fights.

The non-abrasive Velcro and the drawstring inside the waistband offer a perfectly locked-in. The shorts will stay on you without moving around. With a length up to the knees, they do not interfere with the freedom of the legs. You can kick as high as you want.

However, if you want them to order a size down because the sizes tend to run big.

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Fightshorts

4. Venum Men’s UFC Authentic Fight Night Gladiator Shorts

From the Venum x UFC collection, I have these Flight Night gladiator UFC shorts for you. The collection contains several clothing items, which you can use to create an entire boxing outfit. Still, these shorts stand out due to their gladiator style.

They are made of polyester and elastane and have elasticity and smooth and silky texture. They follow the shape of the body but without being too tight. The fit is exactly as it suppose to be: tight enough not to move on the body, and loose enough to be able to lift the legs and kick.

On both sides, these gladiator UFC shorts have laser-cut slits. The slits improve the mobility and freedom of movement of the athlete. This is a crucial aspect because in combat sports the athlete needs a lot of range of motion.

The short’s design includes sublimated graphics, as well as screen-printed logos for a chic look.

You can clean them easily with mild detergent and cold water.

Venum Men's UFC Gladiator ShortsVenum Men's UFC Authentic Fight Night Gladiator Shorts

5. Reebok Men’s UFC Fight Night Authentic Gladiator Short

With these gladiator UFC shorts from Reebok you can do leg kicks all day long.

These mid-thigh shorts made from polyester and spandex are ultra lightweight and offer comfort while guaranteeing freedom of movement.

The side slits are deep enough that they don’t get in the way when you want to move your leg. So no kicking restrictions with these UFC gladiator shorts. Combined with top-notch boxing shoes that give you traction, you will dominate the fight.

However, I must tell you that the shorts lack an inner garment, thus potentially exposing your intimate areas. So better to buy something that ensures your support and coverage beneath these shorts.

Speedwick technology ensures good airflow to limit the occurrence of sweat. The bonded waistband features an inner drawstring that secures the shorts in place.

Apart from the UFC, these gladiator UFC shorts can also be worn in MMA, boxing, and Muay Thai.

Reebok Gladiator Boxing ShortsReebok Gladiator UFC Shorts

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