Have A Look At The Yeezy 2016 Spring Collection!

Even though his creations are a bit controversial, we simply can’t ignore what Kanye West has done with the Yeezy 2016 Spring collection. Presented with the help of performance artist Vanessa Beecroft, the collection includes large crewnecks and drapey gowns for men, as well as body-hugging pieces for women. However, the line as a whole has a distinct unisex feel, which is not exactly ordinary in the fashion world.

To be fair, Kanye’s creations were never ordinary, as the rapper/fashion designer prefers to take a slightly eccentric approach to his career. The Yeezy 2016 Spring collection was showcased by street-cast models and several other models selected from Kanye’s family. As far as colors are concerned, black, brown and beige hues are the most predominant, but some gray and green-colored pieces were also spotted in the mix.

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