Here’s The Amazing Deflect H2O Mountain Active Shell Jacket

The quality of a rain jacket for cycling depends on quite a few factors, including weight, permeability and overall looks. And while some of you might not care too much about the looks part, you should definitely keep a close eye on the other two traits, as they can mean the difference between a reinvigorating cycling session and a soaky and uncomfortable one. Going for the Deflect H2O Mountain Active Shell Jacket by Specialized is always a safe bet, as this particular cycling jacket for men includes something called Gore® WINDSTOPPER® Active Shell – a woven fabric that offers breathability and wind resistance.

Deflect H2O Mountain Active Shell Blue Jacket Mountain Active Shell Jacket

Other noteworthy additions include hook-and-loop wrist closures, watertight, coated zippers and front venting pockets, as well as a three-panel hood with a rain visor. Then there’s the zippered chest pocket and the SWAT™ pass-through pocket at the rear, both of which offer a plus of practicality. It will be almost impossible to find a better lightweight waterproof cycling jacket on the market right now, so you shouldn’t even try to look for one.

Cycling Red Jacket for Men Rain Jacket for Cycling

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