High-End Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet

Football is perhaps one of America’s most appreciated sports, as it enjoys an immense fan base. It’s not hard at all to figure out why this game is so popular, as it portrays an incredible show of strength, speed and witty tactics. However, even though football players always wear special equipment during matches, the design of the standard helmet has not been improved for about 4 decades now, which should raise some red flags.

Zero1 Football Helmet by Vicis Interior, Zero1 Football Helmet by Vicis Football Helmet Vicis Zero1

Consequently, a Seattle-based startup named Vicis has come up with an incredible new helmet called Zero1, which promises to deliver an unprecedented amount of protection. Designed by a team of neurosurgeons and engineers, this helmet acts in a similar way to a car bumper, as it deforms locally in order to absorb impacts. Available in 12 sizes in order to ensure a perfect fit, this multi-layered helmet should become NFL’s standard helmet, and soon.

Football Helmet Zero1 by Vicis Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet

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