High-Quality Men’s Running Shorts by Spuds Apparel

These new shorts, by Spuds Apparel, were designed for all elements of your life. They have the performance you need when its time to get sweaty, but the looks you desire when its time go out. The fabric is water resistant, odor resistant, with just the right amount of tailored stretch.

High-Quality Men's Running Shorts by Spuds Apparel Spuds Apparel Men's Running Shorts

The Gravi pocket is large enough even for an iPhone 7 plus, and is mounted on your right hip. This location keeps your device protected while training or running, all while making it feel like it isn’t even there. Additional thigh mounted pockets are moisture wicking and deep enough for all of your daily essentials.​

Spuds Apparel Running Shorts, Gravi pocket Spuds Apparel Running Shorts for Men New Running shorts by Spuds Apparel

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