High-Quality Seirus Xtreme All Weather Gloves

Even though they are incredibly thin, these Seirus Xtreme all weather gloves are surprisingly insulating, and the fact that they’re available in both women’s and men’s version is just a welcomed bonus. Both versions come in sleek black colorways, while sizes range from S to XL on the men’s version and from S to L on the women’s variant.

High-Quality Seirus Xtreme All Weather Gloves

The insulation comes from 100g Thinsulate Flex technology, while the insert flaunts XTREME Waterproof/Breathable tech. As for the shell, it was put together using leather and is a 4-way stretch Softshell, while the palm area is simple leather. The glove’s makers describe it as “warm as a standard ski glove without all the bulk,” which definitely sounds amazing.

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