Highly Practical Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Wave multi-tool was created using durable 420HC Stainless Steel, which represents an improved, high-carbon form of 420 stainless steel. The material owes its strength to an extensive heat treatment, which makes sure that the multi-tool in question is incredibly reliable and resistant to wear and tear.

Black Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

This versatile model can be deployed with one hand, and it includes large Wave knives, long wire cutters, strong pliers and all-locking blades. This product is perfect for outdoorsy types who find themselves in need of a high-quality multi tool during their adventures. Apart from its classic stainless steel color, the multi-tool also comes in black or green, and it can be custom engraved upon request.

Highly Practical Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

Stainless Steel Leatherman Wave multi-tool
The Leatherman Wave multi-tool
The Wave Multi-tool
Leatherman Wave
Practical Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

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