Hurley Phantom 202 Men’s Wetsuit

Available in four different colors named Gym Red, Loyal Blue, Black and Cool Grey, this highly reliable Hurley men’s wetsuit boasts a natural, streamlined fit as well as something called Thermo Light technology, which offers a lightweight, comfortable feel while in the water. The product’s most important details include an exterior access stealth key pocket with a cord, liquid tape cuff seals and a unique material composition based on Thermo Light 80% super stretch neoprene and 20% nylon for the interior.

Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit, Side Grey Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit, back Hurley Phantom 202 Fullsuit Grey Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit, Thermo Light technology

The exterior area boasts Flexlight 100% super stretch neoprene, while the arms and legs areas were put together using Flexlight 100% 2mm fiber neoprene. The seams are 100% power seam tape, while the chest and back areas are 100% 2mm Exoflex. All of these advanced materials and technologies were implemented to keep the wearer warm while making sure that water absorption remains at minimum levels. Flexibility and impact protection were also taken into account, as was long-lasting durability, which is why this is undoubtedly one of the best wet suits that we’ve seen in a long time.

Black Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit Blue Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit Red Hurley Phantom 202 Men's Wetsuit

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