Impressive Solar-Powered Smart Jackets By ThermalTech

Based in Houston, ThermalTech is an apparel manufacturer that’s no stranger to innovation and cutting edge tech. One of its most impressive products is based on a series of solar-powered smart jackets, which promise to keep your body warm even during the harshest days of winter. The technology is supposed to increase the in-clothes temperature by up to 18 degrees in just two minutes thanks to a series of embedded stainless steel mesh fabric threads.

Solar-Powered Smart Blue Jacket By ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart Jackets By ThermalTech ThermalTech Solar-Powered Smart Jackets

However, it’s also worth noting that these jackets are incredibly light and strong, which makes them a perfect addition for any winter sports enthusiast. Add stylish looks into the mix and we have a near-perfect product that will definitely enjoy great popularity, especially since its price tag is no more than $149.

Solar-Powered Smart Jackets for Women

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