Incredible SolarPanel 5 Series By Biolite

Being able to charge all of your gadgets while you’re on a hiking trail sounds perfect, but it’s not exactly practical to carry around those external chargers and keep them plugged in to your smartphones or tablets at all times. Moreover, chargers eventually run out of juice as well, so what happens when you need to power up your stuff over the course of several days?

Incredible SolarPanel 5 Series By Biolite BioLite SolarPanel 5

The solution comes in the form of hiking accessories such as solar panels, and not the ones that you install on the roof of your house. We’re talking about the SolarPanel 5 series by BioLite – a 5-watt panel that can be installed on your backpack. Thanks to a swivel stand and a sun-dial, you can align the panel directly with the sun without too much effort, but you can always just put it on your backpack and forget about it, as the device features an auto re-connect system that switches on whenever it detects sunlight.

Thanks to its decent power output, the SolarPanel 5 can charge up your smartphone in just two hours. Not bad at all, right? Biolite SolarPanel 5 Series SolarPanel 5 Series By Biolite, Back SolarPanel 5 Series By Biolite

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