Inferno Rugby Body Armour By Optimum

Perfectly designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials, this Optimum rugby body armour was dubbed Inferno. It’s so good that it sets new rugby protection standards, all thanks to its 12-pad formation, removable pads and lightweight Lycra full-length body. The shoulder areas feature 10mm EVA dual shoulder padding, while the back of the neck, ribs, kidneys, biceps and sternum flaunt 5mm EVA padding.

Inferno Rugby Body Armour By Optimum Inferno Rugby Body Armour By Optimum, Back

The top is available in three color combinations, namely Black/Orange, Black/Red and Black/Blue, and it is perfectly capable of protecting its wearer from impacts at all angles. Four a touch of originality, the product features an Inferno print design, which allows it to stand out among similar offerings.

Optimum rugby body armour Optimum rugby body armour, Back

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