Jaybird Freedom and X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

No matter what type of sport you like to practice, a good pair of headphones will help you listen to your favorite music while you’re active. Sure, you could choose just any pair of headphones while you’re working out, but a high-quality pair will manage to sit in the ear even during intense workout sessions while providing at the same time some fantastic sound quality and freedom of movement. Jaybird has an amazing selection of accessory for athletes, runners, and fitness fanatics, especially when it comes to wireless headphones. Below you will find two of the company’s wireless earphones, which are named X3 and Freedom.

X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by Jaybird X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, MySound App

The Jaybird X3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are highly appreciated all over the world for their super-secure wireless fit and fantastic sound quality, not to mention their stylish, micro-sized design, which allow you to wear them under a helmet. These Jaybird bluetooth headphones feature a double hydrophobic nano coating that keeps moisture away, so you can easily wear them while working out. Their MySound App allows you to customize the sound of your X3 headphones and to save the settings. Also, the Multipoint Bluetooth function allows you to connect them to two different Bluetooth devices. In this way you will be able to listen to music from your laptop and answer a call from your cell phone. As for the battery, it lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge, which is definitely decent. Other highlights comprise a redesigned Bluetooth antenna architecture for a better signal, an in-line microphone, and a Share Me feature that allows two separate buds to connect to the same Bluetooth device.

Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, MySound App

Boasting stunning fashionable accents, the Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by Jaybird were designed using high-quality injection molded metal parts, silicone ear fins, and memory foam ear tips that ensure a secure fit while locking them in during workouts and intense physical activities. They feature button controls for volume, play/pause, next, back, answer, end and more, and an integrated microphone, which allows the wearer to gently switch from music to calls. Moreover, these lightweight earbuds provide protection from sweat, and allow you to adjust the Jaybird Freedom’s sound thanks to their integrated MySound App. As for the battery life, they come with a charging clip that can charge while you listen, providing virtually unlimited battery life. Available in two different colorways named Space Gray and Rose Gold, these Jaybird earphones also come with a small leather carrying pouch and a short micro USB cable.

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