The JYUNI Aiiro Collection by Asics

The well-known sports equipment company Asics has just released a brand new collection for autumn/winter 2017. Combining high quality Japanese fabrics with urban style, the the JYUNI Aiiro Collection comprises eight fantastic apparel pieces for both men and women. Some of the line’s most important highlights include training pants, tops, shoes, a vest, a long coat and a insulation jacket. Since they are created in a special way that reflects the unisex style, we believe that it’s worth taking a closer look at each piece.

So, let’s dive into this new Asics JYUNI Aiiro Collection!

Insulation Jacket

Insulation Jacket

Created using a stretch nylon fabric, the Insulation Jacket offers protection against wind and rain. It features a narrow draw cord, a small stopper that supports freedom of movement, as well as a glow-in-the-dark hexagon for extra visibility in low-light conditions.

Seamless LS Hood Top

The JYUNI Aiiro Collection by Asics, Top

Stylish and incredibly comfortable, the Seamless LS Hood Top is available in a single Aiiro color and in sizes ranging from XS to L. This high quality Asics product features full-length sleeves, thumbholes, and a practical hood. Last but not least, we should mention the material composition of this Asics top, which is 70% polyester and 30% spandex.

Jersey Pant

Jersey Pant, Asics JYUNI Aiiro Collection

The Jersey Pant was designed by Asics with comfort and practicality in mind, and it flaunts a Japanese superfine twisted polyester with shape memory, as well as a signature glow-in-the-dark 3D hexagon graphic that improves visibility when the sun goes down.

Long Coat

Long Coat, Asics JYUNI Aiiro Collection

The amazing Long Coat by Asics represents the perfect outer layer for those running sessions during chilly weather. Featuring a lightweight build, this product was put togheter using a transparent, stretch nylon fabric that offers outstanding wind and rain protection.

Down Vest

Down Vest, Asics JYUNI Aiiro Collection

The Down Vest also deserves a closer look. It comes with a high-quality stretch nylon fabric that incorporates a mesh knit lining for a plus of breathability and comfort. Featuring a fixed hood, the Down Vest also boasts side pockets that can be used for conventional storage. Moreover, the reflective hexagon improves the product’s visibility in the night.


Tights, Asics JYUNI Aiiro Collection

Perfect for both men and women, these Tights by Asics impress with an elasticized waistband, cuffs and side pockets that can be used to store important items. There is a rubber Asics logo on the left leg for a touch of originality.

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