Le Coq Sportif Introduces International Cycling Club Pack

The Cycling Club Pack was released by French sportswear manufacturer Le Coq Sportif in collaboration with five premiere retailers, each partnership resulting in beautifully customized versions of the pack. For anyone looking to buy great cycling clothing for men, this represents a unique opportunity.

Cycling Clothing for Men Cycling Club Pack by Le Coq Sportif

The brands that Le Coq Sportif has worked with on this truly international project are Footpatrol, Slam Jam, Sivasdescalzo and Highs and Lows. The packs feature the brands’ respective colors, and they all include cycling tees, matching socks and sneakers.

Cycling enthusiasts will probably be thrilled to learn that there is an element of exclusivity to this launch as well, because each of the five different styles is limited to thirty examples.

Le Coq Sportif, Cycling Club Pack Men's Cycling Apparel Men's Cycling Clothing

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