Light And Stylish Electrolite Snowboard Goggles

Widely acknowledged as the most innovative goggle on the market, the Electrolite is a superb electric snowboard goggle that offers lightness, protection and stylish looks in a single package. It incorporates the world’s first 100% thermo-set compression molded silicone strap with integrated adjusters and a Mores code detail. Just in case this non-slip strap didn’t impress you too much, we’ll tell you about the fixed oversized cylindrical thermo-formed lens that boast super anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings complemented by anti-reflective tech and 100% UV protection.

Light And Stylish Electrolite Snowboard Goggles Electric snowboard goggle Electrolite Snowboard Goggles Light Electrolite Snowboard Goggles

Then there’s the ergonomic, mold injected ultra light EVA frame, which comes with a thermo contoured triple layer face foam. All of these elements add up to just 77 grams or 2.7 ounces, which is incredibly light even for a modern-day snowboarding goggle.

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