Lightweight And Durable CCM Ultra Tacks Stick

Those of you who are looking for a reliable and lightweight hockey stick will definitely want to have a look at the CCM Ultra Tacks stick. This product flaunts a balanced and incredibly durable design, all thanks to its Ultra AttackFrame blade that features amazing torsional and bending stiffness. Moreover, in order to make sure that repeated impacts won’t weaken the materials inserted at the shaft’s corners, CCM has implemented its outstanding Bumper Technology, which strengthens these areas specifically with the help of compressed reinforcements molded into the material.

Durable Ultra Tacks Stick by CCM

It’s also worth noting that the Ultra Tacks’ mid kick point ensures amazing control and a perfect pop, as well as a stiff spot lower down and a more flexible spot halfway up. This means that players who prefer to play aggressively can take advantage of the lower down stiffness in order to release impressive slapshots.

Lightweight CCM Ultra Tacks Stick CCM Ultra Tacks Stick Durable CCM Ultra Tacks Stick Lightweight Ultra Tacks Stick by CCM

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