Limited Edition Snapbacks By Moncler & New Era

The stunning capsule collection that you’re admiring right now is included in Moncler’s Nordic Fall/Winter 2015 new campaign, and it was created by French lifestyle label Moncler and New Era. The result of this collaboration is definitely impressive, as the main focus of the collection is the classic snapback cap designed by New Era.

The cap comes in three different colorways, namely black, red and white, and each pair flaunts a nylon build as well as Moncler badges at the front and center. As we mentioned before, this collection is a part of Moncler’s Nordic Fall/Winter 2015 campaign, which is why it will definitely receive plenty of attention and positive feedback from fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Red, White Snapbacks By Moncler & New Era Black Snapback By Moncler & New Era Red Snapback By Moncler & New Era White Snapback By Moncler & New Era

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