Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap

What we have here is a Manduka Yoga strap that has become one of the most appreciated products of its kind lately. The reason behind its success is owed to the reliable material that went into its construction, mainly unbleached cotton, which ensures great durability.

Blue Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap Green, Cotton Yoga Strap by Manduka

Available in two different length choices such as 8 feet and 10 feet, this cotton Yoga strap is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a high quality piece of equipment that would greatly enhance your Yoga sessions. Due to its reliability, this strap will allow you to tackle harder and more rewarding poses, and this surely makes it a great investment.

Grey, Cotton Yoga Strap by Manduka Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap Purple Yoga Strap by Manduka

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