Matador’s Protective Base Layer Is Your Camera’s Best Friend

It makes perfect sense for you to put on some protective gear while you’re on the trail, and it makes just as much sense to protect your gadgets, as they are just as likely to fall victim to bumps and scratches, especially if you plan on keeping them close by your side. This simple yet incredibly useful product by Matador is able to keep your camera safe during your hiking trips, and that’s because it boasts a 600 fill down padded shell that guarantees exceptional padding and protection.

Matador Camera Base Layer Protective Base Layer for Camera

This protective base layer can accommodate cameras of all sizes, including large DSLR products or slimmer film cameras. The layer can be removed quickly in order to make sure that you will be able to capture perfect shots at a moment’s notice. Moreover, it can protect your camera from sudden water splashes thanks to its integrated rain fly.

Camera Base Layer by Matador Matador’s Protective Base Layer, Hiking Matador’s Protective Base Layer for Camera Matador’s Protective Base Layer Protective Base Layer for Camera by Matador

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