Men’s CoolSwitch Wristband By Under Armour

Featuring two different colorways named Black/Reflective and White/Reflective, the CoolSwitch wristband for men by Under Armour comes with a soft knit construction infused with the brand’s CoolSwitch technology. This tech is famous for pulling sweat away from the skin and encouraging it to evaporate, and since the wrist represents one of the body’s best cooling spots, these wristbands are great at regulating body temperature.

Black CoolSwitch Wristband for Men By Under Armour

Furthermore, the product comes with chafe-free seams and a set of reflective logos that improve visibility during low-light conditions. They were created using 100% polyester, and they represent an ideal pick for those of you who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Men's CoolSwitch Wristband By Under Armour

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