Men’s FIT Sauna Suit with Hood by Everlast

Featuring a simple design, the Everlast Fit Sauna Suit was primarily designed for those of you who want to shed weight for an upcoming event. Made of top quality material, this product traps your body’s heat and enhances sauna effect, helping you rid the excess water weight and calories more efficiently.

Men's FIT Sauna Suit with Hood by Everlast

Used even by athletes before competitions in order to fit within the weight limit, this men’s sweat suit by Everlast causes a higher perspiration level making it easier to lose weight and eliminate toxins while working out. Futhermore, the Everlast men’s two piece Fit Sauna suit is available in sizes ranging from L to XL, and it features an antimicrobial treatment that prevents odor-causing bacteria to multiply.

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