Men’s Tennis Crew Sock By Thorlo

Apart from acquiring high quality tennis footwear and other apparel pieces, it’s incredibly important to pick out a great pair of socks, as this particular sport requires many hours of intensive training. Running and jumping from one side of the court to the other can be very damaging for your feet, and the good people over at Thorlos are definitely well aware of this fact.

Men's Tennis Crew Sock By Thorlo

They have created an exceptional pair of white tennis socks for men, which incorporate clinically tested cushioning that diminishes blisters as well as foot pain. These socks flaunt padding in the ball and heel areas that were designed to ensure protection during sudden stops, starts and quick changes in direction. The toes also benefit from this padding, which is definitely a big plus in our book. Moreover, these men’s tennis socks were created using THORLON yarn, which boasts moisture-wicking properties as well as softness and incredible resilience.

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