Mizuno G2 Performance Socks For Baseball And Softball

The G2 Performance Mizuno baseball socks are incredibly comfortable and durable, which makes them ideal for demanding sports such as baseball and softball. They feature extra support in the ankle, arch, and heel areas, and they come with padding on the footbed that ensures protection against muscle strain and fatigue.

G2 Performance baseball socks by Mizuno G2 Performance Mizuno baseball socks

We should also mention the Y-Heel lock and the gripper toes, which help keep the socks in place while the wearer moves quickly on the field. The product can be personalized with a nameplate on the toe area, and it was created using a combination of 65% nylon, 30% acrylic, and 5% elastic.

Mizuno G2 Performance baseball socks Navy G2 Performance Mizuno baseball socks Red G2 Performance Mizuno baseball socks

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