Modern Military Backpacks By Tim Coppens and Eastpak Team

In January 2016, a Belgian designer named Tim Coppens presented his 2016 spring/summer line during the New York Fashion Week, and his design impressed many fashion enthusiasts from all over the world. Complementing his unique apparel designs are these awesome backpacks by Eastpak, which are available as part of a limited edition and feature three colorways.

Modern Military Backpacks Black backpacks by Eastpak

Coppens said that working with Eastpak was a “natural partnership,” and this certainly makes sense since both brands often draw inspiration from urban youth culture. These backpacks in particular were inspired by archival military motifs and subculture styles, and they definitely work well with Tim Coppens’ other apparel pieces.

Black Eastpak backpacks Eastpak backpacks

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