Top Most Rated Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts

Since motocross or dirt biking takes place on unpaved terrains with trees and branches, you have to protect your skin.

Motocross long sleeve T-shirts are a great way to keep yourself safe against injuries like scratches, cuts, and even sunburns.

Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts
Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts

You might ask why not wear a regular blouse with long sleeves? You can do that, but I don’t recommend it.

Motocross T-shirts are different when it comes to materials and fit compared to normal ones. The materials are sturdy and offer greater abrasion and resistance. Also, the fit is snug. This type of fit does not risk the T-shirt being caught on something while you ride along in the woods.

Given this information, let’s take a closer look at the most-rated motocross long-sleeve t-shirts.

1. Born Dirt Bike Motocross American Flag

Regardless of whether you are a participant or a spectator at a motocross event, be prepared to receive compliments for your Dirt Bike long sleeve T-shirt.

The long sleeve design and lightweight fabric make it ideal for motocross competition, but also for a sporty outfit. Due to the classic fit that follows the shape of the body, it can be worn by athletes as an extra layer of protection from the elements.

The fit is true to size, and the fabric made of 100% cotton delivers softness and breathability, while the sturdy graphic is good quality and resists very well even to repeated washings.

The brand sells these motocross long sleeve T-shirts in black, heather gray, navy blue, and royal blue.

Born Dirt Bike Motocross American Flag - Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts

2. Dirt Bike T-Shirt | Motocross Enduro

Another T-shirt for motocross with the American flag is the one offered by Motocross Enduro.

The front of the shirt has a figure of a motorbike with a rider in the colors and design of the American flag. The rest of the product has a solid color and a regular fit.

The material depends on the color you prefer. The solid colors are made of 100% cotton, and the ones like heather gray or dark gray also have some polyester added.

Regardless of color, this long sleeve T-shirt can withstand the rigors of off-road riding.

Dirt Bike - Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts

3. Motocross Dirt Bike Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This motocross long-sleeve T-shirt with a motorbike graphic is another option to show your love of dirt bikes.

Designed to protect the rider from cuts and sunburn while riding, it offers a lightweight construction. The elastic material delivers breathability, but also a snug fit that does not limit freedom of movement at all.

The T-shirt can be worn regardless of the weather because it can keep you warm as well as cool and dry.

Cleaning is very easy, especially since it is machine washable.

Motocross Dirt Bike - Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts

4. Patriotic Dirt Track Racing Shirts

Your motocross outfit is half done with this Patriotic Dirt Track T-shirt. You still need motocross boots, pants, and a full-face helmet and you’re done.

The T-shirt has an eye-catching graphic and solid color that will make you stand out on the track. The material perfectly combines cotton with polyester and boasts some amazing moisture-wicking properties. It also feels great against the skin and keeps you cool.

The classic fit will fit normally on the body, while the bottom hem prevents the edges of the fabric from fraying.

It is designed to fit true to size, so you can order the normal size.

Patriotic Dirt Track Racing Shirts

Best price~quality

5. WeimoMonkey Motocross Jersey

Suitable for different types of weather conditions, the WeimoMonkey T-shirt is created for motocross and off-road motorcycle enthusiasts.

The T-shirt features a polyester fabric that promotes good ventilation so that sweat does not accumulate. Still, it can keep you warm in cold weather, but also dry and cool in hot temperatures.

It comes in 14 bold and bright colors with unique patterns, making it a fashionable and stylish motocross jersey.

I recommend ordering two sizes up from your normal size for a comfortable fit.

WeimoMonkey Motocross Jersey

6. Hotlion Motocross Jersey

The Hotlion Motocross T-shirt is not only for motocross, but also great when hitting the trails. Its vivid and colorful colors will make you visible from a distance.

If the colors are a bit more special, the design is quite classic with a regular fit and round neck. The breathable fabric does not allow sweat to build under the T-shirt but absorbs it very quickly, leaving you comfortable.

The T-shirt still offers a tight fit in the arms area. Make sure to order a larger size than you normally wear.

According to the customers, you should order two sizes up.

Hotlion Motocross Jersey - Motocross Long Sleeve T-shirts

7. Fox Racing Boys Motocross Jersey

The Fox Racing motocross T-shirt is made from a soft and lightweight material, which provides exceptional comfort and protection for the wearer.

The material has moisture-wicking properties that absorb sweat, keeping the body dry and cool without weighing down the T-shirt. The vented mesh paneling also contributes here by doing a good job of eliminating the possibility of sweating.

The T-shirt offers a regular fit and good coverage. The design is classic in black with white graphic panels.

Fox Racing Boys Motocross Jersey

8. Wisdom Motocross Jersey Quick Dry&Moisture-Wicking

You don’t have to be a moto biker to wear this stylish motocross T-shirt with long sleeves.

Available in 10 different colors, it offers a loose fit and a soft, breathable feel. The material is made 100% from polyester, which makes the T-shirt lightweight and increases its durability.

However, this T-shirt is better for warmer weather, as it does not provide as much warmth in lower temperatures. Still, its moisture-wicking property is great. Also, the material is not very stretchy and the sizes are not quite right.

Keep this in mind when you consult the size chart. Since it runs small, order a size up.

Wisdom Motocross Jersey Quick Dry&Moisture-Wicking

9. Weimostar Motocross Jersey Long Sleeve

The motocross long-sleeve T-shirts from Weimostart feature some exotic patterns and colors, perfect for a vivid motocross outfit. These T-shirts have a polyester fabric that has elastic properties, providing good ventilation. Your body stays dry and cool in even the hottest conditions. The tailored fit promotes ultra-comfort to the rider.

When ordering, carefully consult the size chart. The sizes of these long sleeve T-shirts are Asian, which are usually 1-2 sizes smaller than the US sizes. So, I recommend you measure yourself and order a size or two bigger than normal.
Weimostar Motocross Jersey Long Sleeve

10. 27.5 Reebok Men’s Classic

This Reebok Men’s Classic Motorcross long-sleeve T-shirt is a great addition to any wardrobe thanks to its simple design.

This motocross long-sleeve T-shirt comes in a black color and in the front area, it shows different Reebok logos and signatures in a white color.

The most remarkable are the logos of DMX Moving Air and Hexalife, both being patented cushioning technology developed by Reebok.

Made from 100% polyester, this t-shirt features an active fit and crew neck. It keeps the rider protected, cool, and comfortable during the ride.

This product is loved by customers because of its high sweat capacity and because it is easy to clean.

Reebok Men's Classic

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, motocross long sleeve T-shirts successfully fulfill both the role of protection needed by a rider and that of style.

Choices from my list can be worn not only by athletes but also by those who are passionate about this sport and want to look cool.

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