The New F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt

It’s quite clear by now that the Schutt’s experts know a thing or two about making a great football helmet. Great to look at and delightful to wear on the field, the Schutt F7 Football Helmet is definitely pretty impressive and worthy of some attention. The helmet’s most stunning addition is the Schutt’s Three Dimensional Movement System that consists of strategically located Tektonic Plates, which are placed on top of a layer of TPU cushioning. The Tektonic Plates move in multiple directions and independently of the helmet shell, while five other layers of protection improves strength and impact absorption.

White F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt

White F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt, Liner
White F7 Football Helmet by Schutt

Created specifically for this Schutt football helmet for adults, the new Titanium faceguards are up to 60% lighter than traditional faceguards, being able to offer an increased range of motion and protection. Then there’s the upgraded Helmet Stabilization System in the jaw area that increases the surface contact area while supporting a secure fit, as well as the Twist Release System which reduces facemask attachment time. And this is not all! The innovations continue with the new SUREFIT Air Liner and RDS Liner that ensure air circulation for a more comfortable playing experience.

Gold F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt

Navy F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt
Scarlet F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt
Silver F7 Adult Football Helmet by Schutt

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