New Hathaway Duffel by Olivers

Looking for a roomy bag? Well, this Hathaway Duffel is an extremely spacious bag which can be used for almost anything. Created by Olivers and bag maker Jack & Mulligan, the 20 x 10.5 duffel meets all the needs of a person who likes to carry a lot of baggage for work. Furthermore, because it is half gym bag and half escape pack, it can also be worn by active people who hit the gym.

New Hathaway Duffel by Olivers Olivers Hathaway Duffel, Handles

Undoubtedly one of most versatile bags ever designed, it was built with 18–ounce water repellent duck canvas and vegetable tanned leather accents. Other highlights include a reverse coil zipper, stainless steel hardware and sturdy cotton webbed handles.

Olivers Hathaway Duffel Olivers Hathaway Gym Bag

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