Nike Creates A Special Golf Shoe For Michelle Wie

Professional golfer Michelle Wie is the lucky owner of a unique pair of Nike Golf Blazer shoes. This model features a splendid mix of performance and chic looks, and it was introduced for the first time in the basketball world in 1972 when it was worn by George “The Iceman” Gervin. This special version created for Michelle Wie flaunts a performance outsole designed to ensure traction on the golf course, as well as a pink upper complemented by a camouflage swoosh.

Nike Golf Shoe For Michelle Wie Nike Golf Blazer Shoes, Heel

When he was asked about these incredible shoes, the footwear designer for Nike Golf, Joël Greenspan, stated the following: “Michelle asked us to create a high-top golf shoe. She wanted more support throughout her swing and greater connection to the ground. She also wanted a shoe that would reflect her distinct sense of style on and off the course. The Women’s Nike Blazer is a dynamic take on a classic silhouette, re-engineered and re-materialized to reflect Michelle’s elite level of play.”

Creating a special shoe for a professional basketball or golf player is never an easy task, but Nike’s experts always manage to get the job done nicely.

Golf Blazer Shoe Tongue Michelle Wie Nike Blazer Golf Pink Camo Shoe

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