Nike Reveals Incredible Football Winter Training Apparel

This new selection of Nike football winter training apparel will meet and surpass all of your expectations, and this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, since we are talking about one of the world’s most reputable sportswear manufacturers. Still, this particular collection is bound to appeal to a wide range of sports fans, as it was designed to help players perform at their best even during the most unwelcoming weather conditions.

Football winter training apparel by Nike

The Nike Shield Strike Drill Top, for example, boasts Nike Shield Technology, and it is even 40% lighter when compared to the previous model. It also comes with Nike Hypershield along the shoulders and upper arms, while an extra DWR coating improves breathability while allowing water to run off. The top was put together using a four way stretch fabric, and it impresses with raglan sleeves and thumb loops.

Men's Shield Drill Top by Nike Nike Shield Drill Top, Back Nike Shield Drill Top, Fabric Nike Shield Strike Drill TopNew Nike Shield Strike Drill Top

As for the Nike Strike Pant, it is infused with Flex Technology, and it is 11% lighter and 50% more breathable than its previous counterpart. It also boasts 80% more stretch, and it comes with a DWR finish and a generous fit across the upper leg area. Other highlights include deep pockets with hidden zippers, as well as a breathable waistband.

New Nike Strike Pant New Nike Strike Pant, Fabric

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