Nike Uses Aeroswift Technology For Its New Sport Kits

Nike’s outstanding Aeroswift Technology was designed to improve the speed and performance of athletes in various fields, including football and basketball. The company has decided to implement this technology in a number of uniforms, all of which are made out of recycled polyester. This material was chosen specifically for its lightness, as these kits need to be as lightweight and as comfortable as possible.

Nike’s Aeroswift Technology, Cristiano Ronaldo Nike’s Aeroswift Technology for Football Kits

Several basketball and football jerseys as well as shorts benefit this new technology alongside Track & Field’s top, bottom and compression accessories. Nike never fails to deliver when it comes to innovative sports apparel, that’s for sure.

Basketball, Nike’s Aeroswift Technology Nike’s Aeroswift Technology for Basketball Nike’s Aeroswift Technology

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