Nike’s Vapor Elite Uniform Is Amazing

The Nike Vapor Collection has just received a brand new addition in the form of the Vapor Elite Uniform – a stunning, high-quality piece of gear that looks as good as it performs. This special Nike baseball uniform was designed to allow athletes to push their limits as far as speed and strength are concerned, and that’s exactly why it’s so amazing.

Nike's Vapor Elite Baseball Uniform

The Nike Vapor Elite Jersey was put together using stretch woven fabric and was tailored for exceptional mobility and lightness. Since side seams are completely out of the picture, arm abrasion is dramatically reduced, while a shaped hem diminishes any bulk around the waist.

Nike Vapor Elite Jersey

As for the Nike Vapor Elite Pant, it’s worth noting that it’s 20 percent lighter when compared to traditional knit pants. It also comes in a throwback high version, which boasts an elastic gripper at the bottom of the cuff. The rear knee benefits from plenty of ventilation, while forward-facing seams keep drag to a minimum during sliding.

Nike Vapor Elite Pant

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