NRS WRSI Trident Composite Helmet

Whitewater kayaking is an adventure sport that combines physical effort with adrenaline and fun. But in order to practice it, you must necessarily be equipped with a helmet for head protection, and a life jacket that is designed primarily to ensure life protection. Today we are going to present you this lightweight and comfortable WRSI Trident Composite Helmet, recommended for whitewater kayak, rafting and canoeing. With a sleek and stylish design, this whitewater kayaking helmet by NRS was put together using a rugged carbon-composite outer shell mixed with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane sub-shell. Thanks to this combination, this WRSI Trident helmet meets even the most demanding requirements regarding impact protection.

NRS Trident Composite Kayaking helmet Trident Composite Kayaking helmet by NRS WRSI Trident Kayak Helmet

To make sure that the helmet will stay in place, it was added an adjustable O-brace harness to the back of the head, as well as an Interconnect Retention System that keeps the helmet secure under hydraulic forces. Designed to fit a range of head sizes, the WRSI Trident Kayak Helmet boasts a removable and replaceable padded liner for a comfortable fit, and it comes in five different colorways named G.Smith, Island, Ghost, Phantom and Very Bery.

NRS Whitewater kayaking helmet NRS Kayaking helmet Pink Trident Composite Kayaking helmet by NRS

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