OutDry Extreme Diamond Shell Rain Jacket By Columbia

A good rain jacket can be a hiker’s best friend, and you really should avoid going on treks without one in your backpack, as you never know when rain might decide to make an appearance. Weighing in at just 13.4 ounces, the OutDry Extreme Diamond Shell rain jacket by Columbia is what we’d like to call “extremely waterproof”, because this thing can definitely ensure that you remain dry even during the most unwelcoming weather conditions.

OutDry Extreme Diamond Shell Rain Jacket By Columbia OutDry Extreme Diamond Shell Rain Jacket Columbia Rain Blue Jacket

This high quality Columbia rain jacket is very breathable thanks to its OutDry Extreme technology, which prevents its shell from ever getting wet. Its durable rubbery exterior is extremely resistant to abrasion, and the fact that it doesn’t get dirty easily is just a welcomed bonus. As far as looks are concerned, this Columbia waterproof jacket might not be suited for everyone, mainly because of the contrasting patches and external seam tapings that give off a rather techy look. However, if you don’t mind its aesthetics, you should definitely give this product a try.

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