Outstanding ACE 16+ TKRZ football Boot By Adidas

It’s true that grass is known as the official football format, but there are plenty of players out there that enjoy the game at indoor courts, on Astro Turf or on concrete. The boot that you’re looking at right now was created for artificial grass pitches, and it is able to ensure an unparalleled level of performance and comfort. Designed by adidas’ experts, the ACE 16+ TKRZ boasts an outsole that favors acceleration, direction changes and sudden braking.

ACE 16+ TKRZ football Boot By Adidas Adidas ACE 16+ TKRZ Football Boot

As for the upper, it facilitates ball connection, and it ensures a lockdown fit in combination with a compression tongue. The studs are slightly shorter than usual, while the colorway is almost entirely black with hints of pink on the side of the heel portion.

Adidas Football Boot ACE 16+ TKRZ Football Boot By Adidas, ACE 16+ TKRZ

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