Outstanding Bauer Vapor 1X Gloves

It’s never easy to find the perfect ice hockey gear, particularly if you’re picky and you’re always looking for top-notch quality. The good news is that these new Bauer Vapor 1X gloves are able to meet and surpass the highest demands as far as protection and comfort are concerned. Set to be released in 2016, these gloves boast triple-density protection thanks to a mix of XRD, aerolite, and mid-density foam that offers great mobility while keeping the equipment light and sturdy.

Outstanding Bauer Vapor 1X Gloves

Another highlight of the Bauer Vapor 1X gloves comes in the form of a Quattro grip palm featuring AX Suede. Even though it offers a very soft feel, the triple fiber combination is extremely resistant to abrasion, which is always a welcomed addition in the world of ice hockey. The Quattro grip palm comes in ivory on the 1x Pro models, while the standard 1x gloves come in a mix of orange, red, gold, blue and dark grey.

We should also mention the 3-piece flex lock thumb, the 3-piece index finger, and the 3D embroidery that showcases the Bauer logo.

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