Outstanding Climacool Training Tee For Kids By Adidas

Adidas has decided to create a special apparel piece for kids under the age of 10, which is why it launched a special climacool training tee that can cope with their specific body cooling requirements. Apparently, studies have shown that children under the age of 10 rely on all-over body heat loss and dry heat loss, which means that they actually require special sports apparel that ensures improved airflow during workout sessions.

Adidas Apparel Piece for Kids, Climacool Adidas Climacool for Kids

The adidas CLIMA is perfectly suited for the job, as it acts just like a mesh thus ensuring extra breathability. The Climachill cooling tee provides a more tailored zone-cooling technology based on high ventilation and impressive sweat management.

Apparel Piece for Kids, Climacool Training Adidas CLIMA Technology for Kids CLIMA Technology for Kids by Adidas

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