Outstanding Groove Insulated Water Bottle

Today we’re going to tell you a few things about one of the most outstanding cycling water bottles in the world, which was created by a company named Camelbak. Dubbed Groove, this 20 oz water bottle can actually turn regular tap water into freshly filtered water, all thanks to a sustainable, plant-based filter that can last for about 3 months of 48 gallons.

Aqua Groove Insulated Water Bottle

The filter is built into the straw, which means that the bottle itself can be refilled and used easily. It is also spill-proof and incredibly durable, and thanks to its integrated loop handle, it can be clipped to a carabiner or carried with the crook of a finger without any issues. The product is 100% free of BPS and BPA, and it was tested independently according to NSF/ANSI standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine, odor and taste. Groove is available in two colorways, namely Graphite and Aqua.

Outstanding Groove Insulated Water Bottle Graphite Groove Insulated Water Bottle Water Bottle for Bike

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