Outstanding Verbero Latigo Pro Hockey Stick

Even though it boasts a relatively affordable price tag, the Verbero Latigo Pro hockey stick is able to compete with some of the most high-end offerings available on the market, and that’s because it was designed with performance in mind.

Verbero Latigo Pro Hockey Stick Inline Hockey Ice Hockey Latigo Pro Stick by Verbero

Created using Phantomlite technology, this stick offers incredible balance and doesn’t include any manufacturing imperfections. Moreover, it was put together using a mix of carbon and resin, which is why it boasts a weight of just 14 ounces or 415 grams. Some of the product’s most impressive elements include a two-way concave shaft that ensures improved comfort and control, a mid-low flex profile for quick release and a dual ridge blade that flaunts a responsive poly foam injection. Lightweight, sturdy and incredibly reliable, the Verbero Latigo Pro is a very impressive hockey stick, especially since it costs just $150.

Inline Hockey Ice Hockey Latigo Pro Stick Inline Hockey,Verbero Latigo Pro Stick Latigo Pro Hockey Stick by Verbero

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