Ovik Eco-Shell Jacket By Fjallraven

You never know what the cold season might throw your way this year, whether we’re talking about fixing your house, scraping ice from your windshield or making a path through the snow. Wearing a high-quality jacket is mandatory while practicing these activities, as moisture and the cold can wreak havoc on your body if left unchecked.

Ovik Eco-Shell Jacket By Fjallraven Ovik Eco-Shell Jacket By Fjallraven, Back Övik Eco-Shell Jacket

The Ovik Eco-Shell Jacket by Fjallraven is durable and insulating enough to keep you warm during the harshest winters, and that’s exactly what makes it an ideal choice. It was created using the company’s own Eco-Shell technology, which is waterproof and windproof yet incredibly breathable. The fabric was put together using three different layers, and it is complemented by a polyester membrane that prevents overheating. Plenty of pockets ensure adequate storage space for essential gear or valuables, while the olive green, brown and dark gray colorways are fitting for the cold season.

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